Cryptech Workshop Agenda, Berlin, 15-16 July 2016


Intercontinental Berlin Budapest Str. 2 10787 Berlin, Germany

Meeting Room: Köpenick III

Cost of attendance: None

Alpha Board cost: if you are an alpha tester and plan to take an alpha board home with you, we would like to recover cost for these boards from you. We are asking for 800USD. We plan to collect the money through crowdsupply.

Draft Agenda

Friday 15 July

| 0830 | Coffee |---| | 0930 | Introductions, setup | 1000 | Presentation of the cryptech alpha device | | - cryptech overview (attachment:2016-07-15-berlin-main.pdf) | | - overall hardware architecture (attachment:2016-07-15-berlin-hw.pdf) | | - the FPGA (attachment:2016-07-15-berlin-fpga.pdf) | | - HSM software architecture, CLI, and RPC mechanism (attachment:2016-07-15-berlin-sw.pdf) | | - PKCS11, client-side software, how to configure the board (attachment:2016-07-15-berlin-fw.pdf) | 1100 | Break | 1130 | Hands-on testing | | - get binary packages running on participants' own laptops (BinaryPackages) | | - OpenDNSSEC is a guide for how to initialize a rev03 board and use it to sign a zone using OpenDNNSSEC - use as a baseline for own testing and experimentation with PKCS11-based applications. | 1230 | Buffet lunch | 1330 | Hands-on testing continues | 1500 | Coffee break | 1530 | Hands-on testing continues | 1700 | Finish day one

Saturday 16 July

| 0900 | Hands-on testing continues |---| | 1030 | Coffee break | 1100 | Workshop wrap-up | | - outstanding questions | | - feedback from the participants | | - opportunity to articulate what participants will need that isn't readily available | 1300 | Finish

What you need to bring

During the workshop you will have access to the cryptech platform using a PKCS11 interface (reviewing PKCS11 might be a good way to prepare for the workshop). We will use OpenDNSSEC (using PKCS11) as a reference use case but you are encouraged to think about other applications that use PKCS11 you want to test. We will be there to help and will do our best to fix stuff that breaks along the way.

Bring a laptop with 2 USB 2.0 ports free (or a USB hub) running either MacOS or Debian Linux. We will provide client PKCS11 software packages for Debian Jessie and Ubuntu Xenial, and Homebrew for MacOS. You will use one USB port for PKCS11 and one USB port for admin CLI access to the cryptech device.

For admin access you will find useful some form of serial console application capable of handling 921600 bps line speed.