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External Project Tor HSM


The Tor network is defined by a small number, about ten, of special relays called Directory Authorities (DAs).

Directory Authorities sign the critical status votes and consensus status documents using SHA-1 and SHA-256 together with RSA-2048 or RSA-3072 once per hour, using medium-term on-line authority signing keys signed by …

An Open Crypto Chip

The Layer Cake Architecture Picture


Use Cases

  • RPKI/DNSSEC Signing
  • Transport VPNs
  • Routers and TCP/AO
  • Email
  • Federations, Identity Systems, SSO etc
  • Password Stretching & HMAC:ing
  • PGP and SSH Keys on a Stick
  • High Quality Entropy Randomness
  • A Communications Terminal Doing One Thing Well, Like Jabber w/o X11
  • HSM …

Comparison of On-Chip Bus Standards


This document contains a brief summary of different on-chip bus standards. The standards are described and compared based on license and availability, technical specifications and general usage.

The purpose of the document is to provide a basis for selecting the primary bus standard for the Cryptech Open HSM project …

Post Alpha Plan

The core dev team had a design meeting in Berlin after the alpha workshop. We came up with a plan for the hardware and the software work for the next few months:


Revision 04

This is targeted for the mid-flight revision in the 50 board order from propoint. For …

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Project Management

v0.1 Resources

Human - 4-5 FTE

  • 0.5 Specifications
  • 1.0 FPGA Tools and Core
  • 1.0 Core Libraries and Interfaces
  • 0.5 QA & Docs
  • 0.5 Assured Linux Platform
  • 1.0 Coordination


  • 4 Bunnie Boards
  • 2 Altera Eval Systems
  • Linux Platform

Travel & Overhead

  • Travel $5k/mo
  • Communications $1k …

Project Status Dashboard

Product Component Requirements

State Component DNSsec Signing Let's Encrypt Tor Consensus Internal Ticket
Done AES / KEY WRAP Wrap/Bkup #17
ECDSA p256 secondary Yes
ECDSA p384 secondary ?
Testing PKCS#11 Yes Yes Yes Yes #14
Done RSA Yes Yes Yes #16
Done SHA-1 Yes
Done SHA-256 Yes Yes Yes
Done …
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