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Disaster Recovery on the Alpha Board

This page covers a few likely (hopefully unlikely) oh-noes.

Oh no, I bricked my device

Recovering from a bad firmware install

You can upload new firmware through the bootloader. On power-up or reset, the bootloader flashes the blue LED for 10 seconds. During that time, start cryptech_upload:

$ cryptech_upload --firmware --user …

Alpha Sealed Bags

Chain of custody

At present, we can't make any statements at all about the integrity of the hardware before it reached us - assembled and ready.

We test and program the Alphas using a dedicated computer, but not in a secure facility by any means. A concerned user is advised to …

Alpha Board Strategy

The Cryptech Alpha Board


Develop a first, custom HSM board that can be used to support a first set of applications as well as being used for further development of new functionality as well as security mechanisms such as tamper detection and protection, key storage etc. Deadline is to …

Review feedback of the Alpha schematics

Power subsystem

Comment Who Resolution Status
The LTS3060ITS8 is a 8-lead device but the symbol shows only 6 (there are 3 GND leads). Kent ft to correct mapping of pins between symbol and package Done
The output capacitor C13 can have higher capacitance. The 2.2 uF is the lowest …

Alpha Schematics

The Alpha schematics are almost finished!

PDF and Eagle files available for download here in the hardware repository.

The schematics are based on the dev-bridge board that we made in the summer of 2015, which is why it is called rev02 …