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Disaster Recovery on the Alpha Board

This page covers a few likely (hopefully unlikely) oh-noes.

Oh no, I bricked my device

Recovering from a bad firmware install

You can upload new firmware through the bootloader. On power-up or reset, the bootloader flashes the blue LED for 10 seconds. During that time, start cryptech_upload:

$ cryptech_upload --firmware --user …

Post Alpha Plan

The core dev team had a design meeting in Berlin after the alpha workshop. We came up with a plan for the hardware and the software work for the next few months:


Revision 04

This is targeted for the mid-flight revision in the 50 board order from propoint. For …

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dev-bridge board

In the process of developing the AlphaBoardComponents design, the project has made what is known as the "dev-bridge board".

This is a board, 100x70 mm, with about 2/3 of the components intended to be on the Alpha design. What is missing is basically the FPGA and it's supporting circuits …

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