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Alpha Board Strategy

The Cryptech Alpha Board


Develop a first, custom HSM board that can be used to support a first set of applications as well as being used for further development of new functionality as well as security mechanisms such as tamper detection and protection, key storage etc. Deadline is to …

Cryptech Hardware

Generation 1

Various generic FPGA development boards.

Generation 2


Generation 3

An Alpha version of a CrypTech HSM, currently in early design


There is no real tamper wrapping and no tamper sensors. The tamper switch is used to simulate tamper detection to test the system's tamper reaction(s).

For …

EDA Toolchain Survey

The major issue is finding tools that allows a designer, user to verify that the RTL source code (in Verilog or VHDL) matches what is generated at the physical level. As part of the project we need to investigate the current status of open tools in the toolchain for implementation …

Planning for SUNET funded Cryptech Work

The following documents the first two development steps in Cryptech funded by SUNET. The development is being done by Joachim Strömbergson from Secworks AB.

Step one (Deadline 2014-02-28)

  • Acquire a FPGA development platform.

DONE. We have a Terasic DE0 board and a Terasic Cyclone V GX starter kit board.

  • Create …

Praha Workshop SSH keys

The list of all known SSH keys

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDZJUtfVH0KQfdGhVetTQRpg9Ki8xGKNnO07r6df9DrrmDrsHVSsDOv8zxMoNh4XHbaLtmSCT8IkB8xLU6dXVCH4vWZZwfzaKKRNgMOSfOSc6blKKBV6xEw9qXeMe4dWcfknl3yAr6EqYsg5Lrmqgalr8Vyd6FGAoGbLR4Qh7vrahMqXp3+20kn1xfDm5reSJDbNPmU4eNhJykTNtr6l6CbK/OFzhqcMI/AW5AO0wL8f5wIoHQzescZWQMDMW+1gVyDiS8lGS6nhsSZwZZeAJrXHK/LF3ldz1To5HBxzpU5Sziav8C5bgTeYo5YfqDuBq8m9mgZTzqocXFcXUCr0I6x dol@dolmacbook
          ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCnskRpNxWJE/YgDR3o6sMWwwmbUJ8f2SJa0gHfHM+fcxxC2zQN9/9mqJSxS1E9QdeuRbbHpYxEUtHoX0vSrmia/VALDiQAMps51RBqq6YlrYqvP/Rb0hZ0Z4/YgjTosLdu1PeTzih6mwbyNNF0+gY987Ig31qXQytNF+9G1oSY9dgBAq52lu170QXTRwum4B6Gh4/pCnM6xx+7nY2oqlgvl2wYHVAOJ39W9r4y9kBhcVs51XvJqYehjaoyKYf1+PzA0FsvhJkZuG6ws5eEGSB90lAzKGyFZXedvOLmnFmqAraoLeuKajHIFJDfKNfHHbYpn8ERIfVW66nbqlXFO2g3
          ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAACAQCo3wT4gGyEmGGw5ePMO+jscvq7lo4hIPQHVZNgrChVWphvD1MkkH6PfoUYNfKwagFjUPQcDotQxGaVfvxL6Y4WzOfwiONHTj/4b2skxdRw5B/K2ZnGw2pbfXP4Nhjb1gry2K+BSVWqP3pVZk5tQ+P0YqbwKNfBFlaqS1dR8uIwo6E/8wGIjcMcDMAioMyRlU2R …
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