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Noisy Diode entropy source

The Cryptech project is using Avalanche Noise as a physical entropy source connected to the FPGA.

Avalanche breakdown is a physical process that occurs when current is forced backwards through a diode until it cannot hold back anymore. The diode will then begin conducting for a brief time until the …

PKCS11 Proxy

The pkcs11-proxy is a way to tunnel PKCS11 over TCP (TLS). This page explains how to build and install PKCS11 proxy on the novena. There are various forks of this on github. We're going to use the SUNET fork since it support TLS-PSK for authentication out of the box. The …

Project Management

v0.1 Resources

Human - 4-5 FTE

  • 0.5 Specifications
  • 1.0 FPGA Tools and Core
  • 1.0 Core Libraries and Interfaces
  • 0.5 QA & Docs
  • 0.5 Assured Linux Platform
  • 1.0 Coordination


  • 4 Bunnie Boards
  • 2 Altera Eval Systems
  • Linux Platform

Travel & Overhead

  • Travel $5k/mo
  • Communications $1k …

Project Status Dashboard

Product Component Requirements

State Component DNSsec Signing Let's Encrypt Tor Consensus Internal Ticket
Done AES / KEY WRAP Wrap/Bkup #17
ECDSA p256 secondary Yes
ECDSA p384 secondary ?
Testing PKCS#11 Yes Yes Yes Yes #14
Done RSA Yes Yes Yes #16
Done SHA-1 Yes
Done SHA-256 Yes Yes Yes
Done …

Side Channel Attacks

Side Channel attacks on hardware are hard to avoid, detect and mitigate. But this should not stop us from trying. The CrypTech platform should be developed with side channel issues in mind. This page tries to collect information about relevant side channel attacks, mitigation strategies, side channel resistant design methods …

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